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Virtual Infrastructure

Datek are Microsoft and VMWare partners, so we can provide you with a variety of different virtual infrastructure solutions: Hyper-V and VMWare Sphere.

Virtual IT infrastructure services can provide a number of benefits over traditional physical servers such as:

o   Improved performance

o   Greater reliability

o   Faster backup and recovery

o   More flexibility

o   Less downtime

o   Reduced cost 

If you don’t already have a virtualised IT infrastructure, we can advise you on the best way to migrate your existing servers to a virtual environment.  Sometimes businesses may have old applications which can’t easily be moved, we can literally pick them up and move them to a virtual environment safely without any involvement from the provider, this is especially useful where the software vendor may no longer exist or they have expensive charges for migrating your systems to new servers. 

A major benefit of a virtual infrastructure is that it can often be restored from backup in much less time than a traditional physical server, recovery times can be as low as minutes not hours or days.  New backup solutions such as Veeam can harness the power of virtualisation to make this a reality, providing performance which just isn’t possible without virtualisation. 

Using virtualisation can also reduce costs hugely.  In the past you may have had to purchase multiple servers to run different applications, with virtualisation you can purchase one powerful server and run several virtual servers on the same hardware, immediately reducing the cost of ownership, licencing, cooling, complexity and support overhead.